Work Outfit

I am currently doing a summer marketing internship (hence the lack of posts recently!) and I thought I would quickly share with you my typical work outfit. The office is quite relaxed in terms of dress code but I try and dress fairly smartly as it makes me feel much more confident and professional.

I love Primark, so I’m afraid this outfit is very Primark heavy! I think a lot of the items, such as the trousers, look like they are from a much more expensive shop. This outfit is great for a hot day in the office, being a perfect combination of cool and smart fabrics.

Chiffon Shirt, Primark

Chiffon Shirt, Primark

This shirt is really smart yet also made of a cool chiffon material for hot days. I love the daisy print and white collar!


Trousers, Primark

I really love these trousers; they are so smart and are made of a beautiful, thick material. I really love shorter trouser lengths at the moment, and although these are not cropped all I do is roll them up to create a smart yet casual outfit. I also bought a pair in black as I loved them so much! They are a great alternative to a pair of boring, black work trousers.

Close-up of trousers

Close-up of trousers

As you can see, the trousers have a beautiful brocaded pattern. This was one of the things that drew me to them in the first place, as it makes them a bit more quirky and special.

Brogues, Matalan

Brogues, Matalan

Although I don’t often shop in Matalan, I often find that if you look hard enough, you can find some absolute gems. I picked these up for around ten quid, and they are so versatile that they just go with any outfit. A worthwhile purchase!

Satchel, Primark

Satchel, Primark

I love satchels, but hate paying the high prices asked for by Cath Kidston and The Cambridge Satchel Company. This is really similar to a lot of pricier satchels, but without the designer price tag. It has lasted really well, and is not showing the typical signs of wear I usually see in bags from Primark. My only criticism is that it could be a tiny bit bigger, but maybe that’s just because I have too much stuff!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post! I would be interested to know what you guys wear on a typical day to work – do you value fashion or function?


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